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($50.00 Minimum)

All Breaks must accompany Breakfast or Lunch Service

Coffee Break

Regular & Decaf Coffee with Creamers

Sweeteners and Paper Products

$2.00 per person

Soda Break

An Assortment of Chilled Sodas & Bottled Waters

$2.50 per person

Sweet Tooth Break

Gourmet Cookies & Brownies

$3.25 per person

Whole Fresh Fruit & Granola Bars

Apples, Oranges, Bananas & Granola Bars

$4.25 per person

Sweets & Treats

A Decadent display of Mousse Filled Mini Chocolate Cups, Mini Pies & Dessert Bars

$5.50 per person

Chips & Dips

Your choice of Chilled Spinach Dip with Crackers, Bacon Cheese Ring with Crackers, Chips & Pretzels or Cheese & Crackers

$3.25 per person

Fruit & Cheese

A Grand Display of Seasonal Fruits and Gourmet Cheeses with Assorted Carr Crackers

$5.75 per person

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